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Unlike any other, Sit Run Play offers your dog a unique and specialist experience. Our key aim is to ensure your dog is happy, well walked and also to ensure you, as their owner, are happy too! We will send an update and photo for each walk, so you can share a part of your dog’s experience with us.




What will your dog do?

The walk will be at least 45mins long and we will aim to cater to your dog’s individual needs and requierments in every way. For example if they love to play we will play with them, to keep them mentally stimulated, if your dog needs some training work we will adhere to this and implement the methods you are using to keep things as consistent as possible for your dog. We will aim to make the walk as fun and beneficial as possible and

will consider each dog’s needs and requirements, so your dog returns home happy and

well exercised.


Where will your dog go?

Anywhere you would like within the area you live. We can walk at the nearest dog park,

go along the nearest beach path or go on a bush walk, taking into consideration the temperature, so if it’s hot we can choose shady walks for example. We will add variety,

so your dog will not always visit the same spot, making the experience fun and interesting

for your dog.






Dog Walking 'walkies'
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