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At West Gosford Vet we offer puppies and their owners the best start for success in their relationship.


Our Puppy Preschool sessions will…

  • Help with early socialisation in your puppies key period of 8 – 16 weeks.

  • Our aim is to make dog training fun, for both your puppy and you their owners.

  • Teaching basic training techniques,  like teaching their name, sit, lie down, early recall, so how to come when called, as well as some tricks, like high five and roll over.

  • Other topics we cover include toilet training and also trouble shooting for mouthing, being home alone, children, other dogs.

  • Our class has puppy off lead time, puppy interaction is important for a well adjusted dog, so we will teach the puppies how to interact appropriately with a carefully managed play session, with just one other puppy.

The Classes …


  • Are a 4 week course

  • Run for 1 hour per week on Thursday's at 6.30pm

  • Have up to 6 puppies per class (currently 4 due to COVID)

  • Cost $160 for the 4 week course




After spending over 10 years in the corporate world of London and Sydney, Emma decided to follow her heart and lifelong passion to work with animals and is now the founder and awesome pet care expert of Sit Run Play.


Emma is certified in positive dog training and behaviour, after studying with Vickie Austin at TAFE. Working in Puppy Pre School, adolescent and rescue training as well as training her own dogs to State and National level in Agility, competing throughout NSW at Masters Level in Agility and also competing in RallyO and DWD. Emma launched Sit Run Play over 6 years ago as a boutique pet care business.


Emma’s training philosophy is to always set your puppy up for success. Working on positive reinforcement to ensure the good behaviours are rewarded, helping owners learn how to teach their puppy to be polite, socialised to different environments and become a real member of their family.


Below shows you Emma’s experience, training and qualifications:

  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing (in process) TAFE (AU)

  • Pet Tech Pet CPR, First Aid & Care (AU)

  • Holistic Dog Training Sydney TAFE (AU)

  • Assistant Trainer for Goodog Positive Dog Training (AU)

  • Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) Member

  • Pet Sitters International (PSI) Member

  • Monika’s Doggie Rescue Volunteer (AU)

  • Barking Mad DTS Intensive Working Trials Training (UK)

  • Woodgreen Flyball Training (UK)

  • Blue Cross Animal Welfare Volunteer (UK)

  • Icknield Veterinary Group Volunteer (UK)







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